13 Amazing Ways To Add Character To Your New Kitchen

Over the years, kitchens have transitioned from a place for cooking into a versatile hub that’s often considered the heart of the home. And from preparing midweek meals while catching up with your kids to celebrating special occasions with friends, it’s important that your new kitchen establishes a fitting backdrop that reflects your personality and sets just the right tone to your home. Whether you’re looking for a cosy traditional design or a cool minimalistic interior, there are plenty of fantastic ways to add a touch of individual character to your space, helping you create the perfect unique setting for every occasion. Here are a few of our favourite design ideas…


Add A Pop Of Colour

With a deep-rooted connection to our emotions, colour is an obvious factor to consider when it comes to adding personality to your kitchen. Vibrant cabinetry is certainly on-trend in 2022. However, if you’re a fan of more understated aesthetics, you might prefer to feature an accent colour on a kitchen island or individual row of units. Introducing a pop of colour below the eye-line adds wonderful character and interest without dominating your space.

Matt Denim Aldridge Kitchen

Opt For A Striking Tile Splashback

You can also add a pop of colour to your kitchen with a stylish tiled splashback. While your splashback might not be the first thing you think about when designing your kitchen, it can make the perfect finishing touch to your space. If you envisage a more neutral colour scheme, you might find a patterned or geometric tile brings the touch of subtle detail you’re looking for.

Lacaree Gloss White & Gloss Light Grey

Show Off A Showstopping Stone Splashback

From striking glass to antique metal, there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a beautiful splashback. And in 2022, dramatic marble and granite surfaces are undoubtedly stealing the show. With their contrasting organic patination and sophisticated looks, an exquisite stone splashback will elevate your kitchen into a chic and luxurious contemporary setting.

Supergloss Kitchen

Introduce A Warm Natural Wood Grain

While introducing colour to your kitchen will immediately communicate your personality, your choice of materials and surface finishes can have an equally significant impact on the character and atmosphere of your room. The natural texture and warm undertones of wood bring a wonderful, homely sense of charm to your design. Wood worktops are perfect if you’re looking to add a cosy country kitchen-inspired quality to your interior.

olive green kitchen

Make A Contemporary Statement With Wood Cabinetry

Wood is a fantastically versatile material and, from furniture to flooring, can be added to your space in a variety of ways. In the past, wood cabinetry was often associated with the classic farmhouse kitchen look. However, with the recent interest in sustainability and the influx of Japanese, Scandinavian and German aesthetics, wood kitchens have undergone quite a transformation. Displaying clean lines, minimal detailing and muted tones, the contemporary approach to wood kitchens establishes a strikingly modern yet charming interior.

Natural Walnut Matt Graphite Lazio Kitchen

Underpin Your Design With The Perfect Flooring

If you would love to introduce the natural warmth and elegant character of wood to your kitchen, but country-style wood worktops or sleek Scandi cabinets aren’t quite to your taste, you might consider opting for a luxurious wood floor. While you will need to consider the practicality of real wood flooring, LVT and water-resistant laminates can make a beautiful alternative.

Bella Richmond Matt Taupe

Restore Those Classic Kitchen Features

Depending on the style and age of your property, you may want to fully embrace the characterful country kitchen style by restoring some of the charming traditional features that would have once graced your home. Wall panelling, plate racks, countertop cupboards and glass-fronted wall units are ideal for establishing a sophisticated vintage look. A decorative floor tile and Belfast sink make the perfect finishing touches.

Classic Shaker Kitchen

Choose A Bold Light Fitting

As open-plan living has grown in popularity, more and more homeowners are choosing to create a minimal modern backdrop to their spaces. While trends for ‘concealed’ kitchens continue to grow, this doesn’t mean you should allow your kitchen to fade into the background. Statement light fittings, dramatic architectural islands and decorative sculptures or artworks can add character to your kitchen while ensuring emphasis remains firmly on the proportions and aesthetic qualities of your design, rather than drawing attention to the humdrum functional features.

Dark Kitchen Hampshire

Use Lighting To Set A Charming Mood

Whether you choose a clean and striking contemporary kitchen or a cosy and elegant traditional design, creating a luxurious glowing lighting scheme is an amazing way to bring a stylish and inviting atmosphere to your room. To create a versatile and sophisticated lighting scheme, we recommend layering several different types of lighting. You can find more information about planning your kitchen lighting by clicking here.

Boston Fjord Green Kitchen

Make The Most Of Your Seating Selection

Freestanding furniture such as bar stools, dining chairs and tables, can all contribute to the look and feel of your design, and so you will want to choose carefully when selecting furniture to add to your space. Stylish upholstered chairs and stools come in a variety of colours and fabrics and can add a stunning pop of colour to your kitchen. Alternatively, wood furniture can create a sense of warmth, while industrial metal designs bring a cool and contemporary urban edge.

Harvard Matt White

Embrace Your Kitchen Clutter

If you’ve spent many years battling to find utensils and ingredients lost to a cluttered kitchen, it’s understandable that you may want to try and keep your new space as minimal and tidy as possible. However, while it might feel counterintuitive, keeping some items on display such as chopping boards, recipe books, salt pigs or utensils jars can add a lovely touch of character to your kitchen, giving your interior that homely yet stylish lived-in look.

Shaker Kitchen in Grey

Display Your Favourite Artworks and Ornaments

If you can’t stand the thought of working around worktop clutter, or you simply don’t have room to spare, adding shelving or an island alcove can make a wonderful solution to displaying some of your favourite artworks and ornaments.

Roma Antharacite

Join The Houseplant Revolution

Houseplants are undoubtedly back in a big way, and it looks like they’re here to stay. While a pot of basil or thyme can come in handy in the kitchen, decorative, easy to care for plants such as monstera, spider plants and sansevieria can really brighten up your space. Houseplants are ideal for adding a splash of personality even if you prefer to keep your kitchen looking clean and minimal.

Select Shaker Ash


A variety of design elements contribute to the character and atmosphere of your kitchen, and there are plenty of wonderful ways to make your space unique. Dedicating a little extra attention to the finishing touches will help you personalise your interior. For more advice on creating a beautiful focal point for your home, please get in touch with our expert designers by calling 02381 040 013 or emailing [email protected].

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