8 Of The Top Kitchen Appliance Trends Not To Be Missed In 2022

In recent years kitchens have undeniably evolved. They have changed from a solely practical space into the social hub of a bustling family home. As the way we use our kitchens has changed, modern kitchen appliances have also advanced, making our homes ever more convenient, stylish and efficient. Whether you love cooking and trying out new recipes or you could use a hand keeping on top of the demands of busy family life, our guide to the top new kitchen appliances on the market this year offers something for everyone.


Smart Connected Kitchen Appliances

One of the most significant developments in terms of kitchen and home appliances across the board is the advent of smart internet-enabled products. From washing machines to refrigerators, smart technology is transforming our homes, providing the ultimate in convenience and efficiency.

The latest kitchen appliances featuring home connect technology can be controlled via an app on your phone whilst also offering a range of other features facilitated by access to your home Wi-Fi. This means that when you’re late home from work, you can set your oven to preheat in advance, or even send the recipe and let your oven take care of finding the right settings for you. To find out more about the brands that offer this innovative technology please click here to go to our kitchen appliance page.

Neff Home Connect

Achieve Perfect Results With A Steam Oven

Steam cooking ovens have to be at the top of our list when it comes to the latest kitchen appliance trends. They might sound simple, but with the ability to add three different levels of moisture to your cooking, the new steam ovens will completely transform your food, delivering perfectly cooked succulent meat, light and fluffy cakes and veg that’s bursting with flavour. Adding steam to your cooking helps to lock in nutrients making your food healthier and even more delicious. Some of our favourite steam ovens currently on the market have been designed by Neff, you can learn more about Neff’s fantastic products by clicking here.

neff ovens 2

Simple & Intuitive Kitchen Appliances With Touch & Voice Control

With hundreds of buttons and different functionalities, sometimes the latest technologies can feel a bit overwhelming. This year top appliance manufacturers Neff, Siemens and Bosch have dedicated their efforts to creating more intuitive kitchen appliances, including touch control hobs and voice-activated ovens. Neff, Siemens and Bosch hobs are all available with flexInduction technology which allows you to position and move your pan anywhere on the cooktop without having to alter the temperature settings. The latest kitchen appliances are designed with easy and intuitive functionality to help speed up your cooking.

matt black kitchen

Spectacular Venting Hobs

Ultra-stylish venting hobs are a prime example of appliance technology following kitchen design trends. Open-plan living is more popular than ever, and with the demand for more stylish open and airy kitchens, overhead cupboards have been scrapped and the kitchen island reigns supreme. Venting hobs are the perfect addition to this new style of kitchen. Eliminating the need for overhead extraction offers you the freedom to position your hob anywhere in your space, while the hi-tech downdraft system provides an exceptionally effective and quiet solution to removing steam and odours. Perfect for open-plan living, modern venting hobs look particularly stunning on a kitchen island where you can impress your guests with your cooking. Siemen’s newest inductionAir Plus hobs are one of the finest top-of-the-range options. You can find out more about Siemen’s appliances by clicking here.

Siemens Venting Hob

Personalised Appliances

As the heart of your home, there’s no better place to capture your individual style and evoke your personality than the kitchen. Neff certainly understands the unique relationship we have with our kitchens and have developed their own range of creative slim cooker hoods which allow you to personalise your space. We expect to see many more options for personalised kitchen appliances becoming available in the coming years.

neff hobb price

Fridges That Reduce Waste

Sustainability is a growing concern in all walks of life, and kitchen appliance manufacturers have realised that it’s not just the energy efficiency of their own products that matter. With their state-of-the-art VitaFresh fridges, Bosch is on a mission to reduce food waste in our homes. Different individual temperature and humidity zones are designed to make certain foods last longer, and in addition to this, a camera will register the expiry dates of your food, sending a notification to your phone near the date. You can even take a look inside your fridge while you’re at the shops to avoid overbuying. Learn more about Bosch’s innovative kitchen appliance technology by clicking here.

VitaFresh Images

Barista Style Coffee

Admittedly a rather luxurious addition to your wish list, but if you love coffee then a superb barista-style coffee machine is an absolute must. With built-in and freestanding models available, Siemen’s bean to cup machines are the ultimate choice if you’re passionate about exceptional coffee. Including a high-performance grinder and sensor technology to deliver the perfect temperature and pressure to extract maximum flavour, Siemen’s coffee machines can’t be beaten.

Siemens coffee machine

Quooker Taps

While the first Quooker boiling water tap came to the UK as early as 2004, it’s taken us a while to truly embrace the amazing potential the Quooker tap has to offer. From saving time and energy to keeping your worktops safe and clutter-free, the Quooker tap has many benefits and the newest addition, the Quooker CUBE, boasts even greater functionality, producing filtered chilled, sparkling and boiling water at the touch of a button. If you’d like to find out more about the Quooker tap, you can try it for yourself at our Southampton kitchen showroom, click here for information on how to find us.


Transforming your kitchen is an exciting opportunity to bring new and cutting-edge functionality to your home, once you embrace the latest kitchen technology we’re sure you’ll never look back. To find out more about the latest kitchen appliances or for advice on your upcoming kitchen project, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of experts by calling 02381 040 013 or emailing [email protected].

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