9 Ingenious Seating Ideas To Create A More Sociable Kitchen

From cooking midweek meals to catching up over a cup of tea and even helping the kids with their homework, our kitchens are where all the action takes place. And when a delicious tray of roasties or a fresh batch of biscuits comes out of the oven, there’s undoubtedly nowhere we’d rather be! Introducing seating to your kitchen is a great way to capitalise on the social aspect of your space. It can add fantastic versatility to your design and even bring your family closer together. To help you find a kitchen seating solution that works for you, we’ve assembled some of our favourite projects.


Casual Kitchen Island Seating

If you’re already considering including a kitchen island, why not elevate your design further by incorporating seating. Even a small worktop overhang can create enough space for a couple of bar stools without detracting from your storage. This laid-back style of seating encourages friends and family to come and chat while you cook. A small island seating nook offers the ideal place to perch while keeping an eye on dinner or enjoying a cup of coffee.

Shaker Kitchen

A Luxurious Breakfast Bar

Take your kitchen island seating to the next level with a stylish full length breakfast bar. A spacious breakfast bar makes a great addition to hosting and entertaining. It creates a wonderful location to impress guests with sophisticated drinks and nibbles. Position your hob opposite to create chef’s table style dining experience, and don’t forget to set a cosy ambience with gorgeous, layered lighting.


Sociable Island Bar Table

The layout of your seating can significantly impact how it’s used. Arranging bar stools opposite each other as opposed to in a line can make it easier to chat and socialise. Offering similar properties to a traditional dining table, this breakfast bar table makes a perfect spot for family brunches and light meals. The contrasting natural wood finish brings a lovely touch of warmth to the sleek modern interior.

Stylish Breakfast Bar Peninsula

There are plenty of opportunities to get creative with your kitchen seating. Simply positioning this peninsula breakfast bar at a 90-degree angle brings a stylish architectural edge to the room. The innovative arrangement also makes the most of the large open layout. A pair of minimal black pendant lights accentuate the striking feature. As this design goes to show, seating can bring both style and functionality to your room.

Verona-Light-Grey kitchen

Space-Saving Dining Island

Bar stools are ideal for casual drinks and snacks. However, they aren’t always comfortable for more formal meals. Plus, they can pose a safety risk to small children. If you prefer a more traditional seating area, a dining island could be the perfect solution. Rather than trying to squeeze in a separate table, a dining island meets your cabinetry, saving on floor space.

modern kitchen design and seating

Built-In Kitchen Bench Seating

Another clever way to maximise space is with built-in bench seating. With the option of merging with your units, banquette seating offers a clever way to utilise awkward areas. It can also double-up as handy storage, while creating an opportunity to incorporate stylish soft furnishings into your design.

contemporary kitchen design

Dining Table & Island Layout

Thanks to its ability to make our homes feel more spacious and social, open-plan living has grown in popularity. Though open-plan living isn’t for everyone, you may want to consider opening your room into a kitchen diner. Including an island and a dining table gives you the best of both worlds. This way, friends and family can gather around the island for a coffee and a catch up or enjoy a special sit-down meal. An island can also help zone your space, preventing guests from straying into the kitchen and getting under your feet.

Wilton Oakgrain Dakkar & Oakgrain Mussel kitchen

Family Orientated Kitchen Diner

If you haven’t got room for a kitchen island and a dining table, you will need to prioritise. A traditional dining table will create a more open, family orientated feel. Unlike an island, they also allow your wall cabinetry to take centre stage. Dining tables can offer impressive versatility, doubling up as a food prep area, a home working station or even an arts and crafts space. You can also benefit from having the freedom to move it around to suit your needs.

Bespoke kitchens

A Relaxed Seating Area

Kitchen seating isn’t just restricted to islands and dining tables. You can create a separate area dedicated to relaxing with a coffee or catching up on work with anything from an armchair and a coffee table to a window seat.

Kitchen seating design


There are plenty of options when it comes to including seating in your kitchen. First and foremost, you’ll need to consider your layout and whether to prioritise a more laid-back or formal solution. If you have any doubts about introducing seating to your design, our knowledgeable team would be happy to help. You can call us on 02381 040 013 or email [email protected].


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