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Discover so much more than just a kitchen with our amazing bespoke design and installation service here at Kitchens InStyle.

Versatile Christchurch Kitchens Tailored To Your Needs

The focal point of the modern home is undeniably the kitchen. No longer simply a place for chores and food preparation – it is a busy hub – somewhere to entertain, relax, and spend quality time with loved ones. At Kitchens InStyle, we understand the importance of your kitchen and are dedicated to helping you transform your interior into a beautiful, bespoke living space. Working closely with you to bring together style and functionality, we are determined to help you discover a kitchen you can be proud of. Our experienced team will listen carefully to your likes and dislikes in order to tailor your design to your needs. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for quality, we have been designing, delivering, and installing exceptional bespoke kitchens in Christchurch and around Dorset since 2001.

High Quality White Kitchen

Exceptional Quality Bespoke Christchurch Kitchens

At Kitchens InStyle, we understand that renovating your kitchen is not only an opportunity to embrace the latest trends but also an investment in your future. Hence, we promise to deliver long-lasting products and high-quality service. With over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of excellent customer satisfaction, you can trust us to ensure your bespoke Christchurch kitchen stands the test of time. From reliable appliances to professional installations, we go to great lengths to create interiors that endure everything life throws at them.

Our Beautiful Kitchen Collection

With an endless range of styles and features to choose from, Kitchens InStyle caters to all needs and tastes. Whether you’re looking for an immaculate, modern kitchen or a more traditional, homely interior, we have a range of cabinetry, appliances, and finishing touches to complement your individual style. Our handleless range is ideal for anyone seeking a minimalist, clutter-free aesthetic. Alternatively, our traditional shaker kitchens make an elegant and sophisticated focal point to any home. At Kitchens InStyle, you are spoilt for choice. Furthermore, our decades of design experience allow us to recommend the most practical and visually appealing solutions to capture your vision and enhance your unique space. We thrive on assisting our customers in selecting the perfect design.


Simple yet striking, it is easy to see why the shaker kitchen style has endured the test of time.

With crisp lines and a modern finish, our handleless kitchens evoke a feeling of space and light.

It is easy to see the benefits of installing a high gloss kitchen with its immediate visual appeal and clean cabinetry.

Elegant Shaker Kitchens

Featuring an iconic framed door, our distinguished and elegant shaker kitchens strike a seamless balance between contemporary and traditional. This everlasting and masterful kitchen option remains on top of the style stakes. With perfect proportions and symmetrical lines, our versatile shaker kitchens offer ample opportunities for personalisation.

A Stress-Free & Enjoyable Experience

Our experienced and knowledgeable experts are here to support and guide you through every part of the renovation process. We understand that transforming your kitchen can be daunting. However, our bespoke service sees us put your needs and wishes at the heart of every decision. Our trusted team will support you from design to installation. We will be on hand throughout your journey to answer your questions and concerns. Thanks to our specialist fitters and installers, our exacting standards continue to the last stage of the renovation process and beyond. We consistently go the extra mile to meet your requirements and guarantee a stress-free journey that you can enjoy being part of.

The Latest Appliances

Selecting the right appliances to incorporate into your design can seem daunting. However, our expert team will ensure your bespoke Christchurch kitchen not only reflects your style but also offers functionality and reliability. We partner with a range of leading brands, including Bosch, Siemens, Quooker and NEFF. From state-of-the-art boiling water taps to slide-and-hide door ovens, we have a brilliant selection of products to inspire and excite. Whether you are an avid chef or always on the go, practicality is at the heart of all our fantastic appliances.


Modern Kitchens

If you are looking for a clean and elegant interior, our handleless and flat-panel kitchens are for you. Boasting minimal detailing and sleek lines, our contemporary kitchens make a highly versatile choice. Our range includes a broad selection of design options. From textured to gloss, our extensive collection of finishes and colours allows you to truly express yourself.

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If you would like to learn more about our appliances and everything else we offer, our stunning kitchen showroom is the ideal place to start. Here, you can view numerous beautiful displays as well as an impressive range of appliances, material samples, and accessories. Experiencing our stylish kitchen designs in person is a fantastic way to find inspiration. You'll also have the chance to chat with our friendly expert team and discuss how we could help bring your ideas to life. Our showroom is just a 25-minute drive from Christchurch, in the heart of the New Forest. For more information, please click the button below.

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