Your guide to buying a Shaker kitchen

What is a Shaker kitchen?

A Shaker kitchen is a style you are likely to have heard of, and definitely seen, but what characterises this popular kitchen design?

The recessed panel cabinets have become a classic choice in many homes, standing the test of time in terms of both trends and functionality.

The Shaker kitchen style was founded in the late 1700’s by a family who believed that the key to a good life was found in honesty, utility and simplicity. This was to be instilled in their morals through to their furniture, and it is clear why this mindset was adopted in the layout of the Shaker kitchen.

Key features of a Shaker kitchen

The Shaker design not only embodies utility, but also skill and craftmanship. The belief that furniture should hold a purpose meant that the drive behind this design is rooted in high-quality materials and styles that will last. This is why you will see many Shaker designs today made out of traditional wood; they fit the aesthetics of the kitchen style as well as being a reliable and hearty material.

The lack of adornment on Shaker-style doors was once again decided on as a result of their commitment to practicality and not style, however, this has in recent years become a selling point and has even been transformed for a modern appearance through recessed doors with sharper lines.

Most Shaker cabinets typically come in cherry tree or maple, however, woodwork is often commonly painted in neutral shades for a fuss-free, classic colour palette that will complement the rest of your home.

Tullymore kitchen in Stone grey

Why choose a Shaker kitchen?

Choosing a Shaker kitchen isn’t about opting for a cookie-cutter, classical look. Cabinet doors made out of natural materials allow many styles to be painted to a colour of your choice, and hardware can be altered for an on-trend scheme such as brushed brass finishes.

Your kitchen is something that should stand the test of time, and also act as a setting for strong family values. The heritage of the Shaker kitchen does exactly that, with a timeless design that suits traditional spaces as well as being open to new contemporary twists. The quality of this kitchen design remains at the forefront of fashion, and is guaranteed to provide you with an orderly, functional space that suits a range of personal styles.

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