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Kitchen Guarantee

You kitchen cabinets are guaranteed for 10 years against manufacturing faults.  The Doors, drawer fronts and any 'fascia' material are guranteed as follows... 10 years for handmade items such as standard wooden doors, 5 years on Gloss, Melamine, PVC, Acrylic materials and 1 year on any painted finish.

Labour is warrantied for a period of 12 months from the installation date of your kitchen or home study.  Please note that labour charges will apply for any work either not covered by warranty or after the 12 month labour warranty period has expired.

Filling up your new cupboards

Before filling up your new cupboards please take time to look at the individual weight limits for the drawers and accessories supplied in your kitchen.  They are designed to take certain amounts of weight to ensure they last as long as possible and this does vary from unit to unit.  

Overloading will have an impact on the performance of the items as well as reducing the lifetime of the product. The viewable/downloadable sheet provides specific weight limits in kilos for you to be aware of however it is always difficult to accurately know the weight you are adding.  In all cases if the item does not feel like it is working or running correctly try removing some weight from it just to check.  If in doubt contact us we are here to help.  

Click here to view Weight Gudelines.

Appliances and Accessories

As a rule all appliances are provided with a minimum 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. 
For any extended warranty offers the items MUST be registered directly by the customer with the manufacturer within the qualifying period applicable. 

KIS can take no responsibility for any warranty offers that have not been registered by our customers.

After Sales Numbers

Please click on the link for a list of handy Aftersales Numbers

To contact our installations department they can be reached via telephone on 02380 811777 or by e-mail at:  Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm.


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