Inspirational Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Inspirational Kitchen Lighting Ideas

A kitchen has more than just one function; from casual brunches to evening drinks, it is important that the atmosphere of your space matches how you are using it. Lighting is a great way of achieving different moods and atmospheres in your home, with a variety of options to complement different tastes and uses.

However, choosing the right lighting for your kitchen isn’t as simple as selecting a shade in the right colour or material. From statement pendants to subtle spotlights, lighting can dramatically impact the mood and overall appearance of your space so it’s important to find a style that suits you. The beauty of a kitchen design is all in the detail, and we can help you to create a well-lit space that works for every part of your life.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are a practical and stylish addition to your kitchen, with their statement design providing ample light. They are available in a range of styles from industrial fixtures to delicate glass to suit your personal taste and the size of your room.

A popular choice for larger spaces, pendant lighting will provide a strong light source to specific work areas that are in frequent use. Many fixtures can also be positioned to direct light across the space, perfect for entertaining as well as preparing food.

Boston Fjord Green Kitchen


Under-Cabinet Lighting

Ideal for contemporary designs that ooze sophistication, under-cabinet lighting will add a splash of glamour to your dream kitchen. This is a subtle source of light that will add another dynamic to a fitted kitchen space, giving the room enough light for visibility while ensuring that it is soft, warm and relaxing.


Display cabinet lighting

A more aesthetic lighting option, display cabinet lighting adds a stylish, elevated element to your kitchen design. Combining stylistic lighting with more practical choices will create dimension, allowing you a range of options in terms of mood lighting for cosy evenings or when hosting.

These cabinets can be placed around your room, adding interest to dark corners or to the sides of kitchen islands to provide some extra wow-factor.

London Concrete Venice Kitchen


Natural lighting

While there are many great ways of incorporating strong light sources into your kitchen, planning your layout in order to maximise natural light is the best option for a bright, airy space. Considering where your light comes into the room may have an impact on the location of key elements of your new interior. Make sure that high-traffic areas are not in darkness by planning your island, social spaces and appliances around these natural light sources. For rooms that do not have much natural light, opting for neutral-coloured reflective surfaces is a clever way of lifting the space without using harsh artificial lights.

Dorchester IF Kitchen


Plinth Lighting

Integrating plinth lighting into your kitchen design will add depth and dimension to your space in a subtle way. The small LED lights work well situated along the bottom length of a kitchen island for a soft glow that adds to the aesthetic value of your design.

Using lights of contrasting heights and brightness in your space will allow you to create unique mood lighting that can be used for a variety of occasions. Rather than relying on one main ceiling light, combining plinth lighting with spotlights and display lighting will give you flexibility on where, and how brightly, your room is lit.



Ceiling spotlights are a subtle but practical choice for your new kitchen, allowing light to be evenly distributed across a room. Spotlights also sit flush in your ceiling, minimising visual fuss while adding a contemporary look to a design.

Ceiling spotlights are extremely versatile as they can be positioned in a range of different patterns in your kitchen, helping to add light in the specific areas where you need it most. Dimmer lights are also available with these fixtures, helping to add ambience for a warm evening glow that is sure to create a cosy environment to relax in.


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