Kitchen Design Trends For 2019

Looking for some inspiration for your new kitchen?

From using the right materials for your worktops to incorporating the right colour scheme, getting every last detail of your new kitchen right is imperative if you want your space to stand the test of time.

To give you a taste of what kitchen design trends are hot, we’ve assembled a list of some of the most noteworthy features topping the wish lists of homeowners in 2019….


Minty fresh

Cool navy and grey colours might still be popular choices among homeowners, but shades of green are a big favourite in 2019. With positive connotations of harmony, nature, energy and life, the colour green can help you recreate the openness of the great outdoors.

Mint is a great way of giving contemporary kitchens a fresh feel, while hunter green and night watch are ideal for those who want to create a warm and cosy traditional style.


Clean lines

Another prominent kitchen design trend this year is the use of clean lines. Previously, detailing and edging on cabinetry and surfaces have been customary to most kitchen designs. However, the modern and minimalist feel of clean lines is allowing homeowners to create something that is truly ahead of its time – which is an essential element if you want to create a kitchen which you’ll love for many, many years to come..


Wood materials 

The calling for natural timbers in 2018 has acted as a catalyst for many interior designers, with more and more incredible styles continuing to emerge.

What makes wood so great is its versatility to work with most kitchen designs. Whether you like the striking dark features of stained veneer or the timeless appearance of natural oak, wood will enable you to add a layer of warmth and texture to your kitchen.

Stone-finish work surfaces are also growing in popularity this year. So, if you want to incorporate the best of both worlds, try combining it with wood cabinetry.


Shaker style kitchens

Shaker style kitchens first originated in the late 18th century by a religious group called The Shakers. As self-sufficient craftspeople, they manufactured all of the furniture for their families and community.

The reason these kitchens remain so popular is that they capture the simple lifestyle of The Shakers and bring out the best qualities in materials.

Shaker kitchens are durable, minimalist and have the ability to keep impressing people for years to come. For the best results, go for a green or grey colour scheme. You can see some of our beautiful Shaker kitchens now by clicking here.


Matte black fixtures

As cabinets get bolder, some appliances are daring to push the envelope with matte black fixtures and hardware becoming a new staple. Previously, these features were renowned for its minimal look in neutral white kitchens. However, this new trend is set to help homeowners add contrast to both wood cabinets and traditional Shaker style kitchens.


Innovative technology

Smart technology doesn’t just belong in the living room and bedroom. As artificial intelligence (AI) advances, so will the way we operate in the kitchen too.

An early example of this is Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator, which features interior cameras, a touch screen and WiFi connectivity, so you can follow recipes on the fridge, see what food you have inside when you shop and leave notes to the family.

Maine kitchen in cashmere and stone

Another innovation in the kitchen is the evolution of Extractor fans. No longer are they just a practical addition to extract smoke, now they look more like a statement light which can sit behind doors or be built into the worktop itself. Cooker hood extractor fans are arguably the most impressive, with many models boasting touch control technology and bearing a striking resemblance to gorgeous pendant lights.


Need some more inspiration?

Choosing every detail in your new kitchen is no easy task, especially if you’re working with a smaller space or have very specific requirements.

Here at Kitchens InStyle, we believe it pays to make these decisions in person. At our beautiful showroom in Cadnam, near Southampton, we have an array of styles ready for you to explore with one of our expert designers.


To take your first step towards your dream kitchen, get in touch to book a free design appointment or download our free brochure now.



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