Kitchen Design Trends For 2022

Looking for some inspiration for your new kitchen?


From using the right materials for your worktops to introducing a colour scheme that captures your personality, getting every last detail of your new kitchen spot on is essential if your space is going to stand the test of time.

While designing your kitchen to suit your own individual tastes and lifestyle is a must, the latest trends can provide a wonderful source of inspiration. To give you an idea of some of the kitchen design trends we expect to be gaining popularity in the new year, we’ve assembled a list of some of the most noteworthy features topping the wish lists of homeowners in 2022….


Tranquil Green Colour Schemes

Dark navy and elegant grey are likely to remain popular choices among homeowners, thanks to their timeless and sophisticated looks. However, a beautiful range of green tones are now also rising through the ranks, with more and more retailers adding subtle olive, tranquil sage and sultry forest green colourways to their collections. Displaying connotations of harmony, nature, vitality and wellbeing, the colour green can help recreate the openness of the great outdoors. Its radiant properties and association with sustainability guarantee it’s sure to be a big favourite in 2022.

If you were in any doubt, two highly regarded interior design houses, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, have both opted to make dusky shades of sage green their colour of the year. Tranquil and refreshing, understated grey-greens are perfect for bringing a soothing atmosphere to a contemporary kitchen, while deeper forest greens are ideal for creating a warm and cosy mood, wonderful for a more traditional home.

Wood Materials

As a sustainable and distinctly beautiful natural material, wood is only going to become even more popular in 2022, particularly in more modern style kitchens. Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian interior design trends, wood lends a soothing, healthful touch to a space, making it the perfect accompaniment to an on-trend radiant green colour scheme.

Available in a variety of rich and subtle tones, wood is a wonderfully versatile material and, as such, can be incorporated into your design in a range of ways. Timber worktops or breakfast bars make a seamless and characterful addition to a charming classic design. Alternatively, to make a statement in a contemporary kitchen, why not opt for a gorgeously sleek solid wood or veneer door. Accents of wood can also be introduced through elegant shelving, stylish freestanding furniture and showstopping wood effect flooring.

There’s no better way to add a wonderful sense of warmth and depth to your kitchen than with a touch of natural wood.

Wood Finished Kitchen

Clean Lines

Another kitchen design trend that’s on the up is the clean contemporary look. Ranging all the way from concealed kitchens to the modern shaker, seamless and uncluttered interiors are increasingly desirable. This trend goes hand in hand with the growth in open-plan living. With their minimal detailing and sleek appearance, contemporary clean line kitchens make a fantastic backdrop to relaxing and entertaining. Previously, detailing and edging on cabinetry and surfaces were common in modern and traditional kitchen designs alike. The simple yet elegant styling associated with this new trend makes a truly timeless choice for your home.

Gloss Kitchen Hampshire

Shaker Style Kitchens

Despite dating back to the late 18th century, shaker style kitchens are undoubtedly as popular now as they ever have been. Conceived by a devoutly religious group known as The Shakers, the shaker kitchen was humbly intended to fuse durability with the most economical use of materials. The result was an iconic design known for its honesty, elegance and superb quality.

These kitchens remain popular thanks to the way they manage to bring out the best qualities in the materials. The clean and characterful look established by the framed door panel offers a versatile starting point, ideal whether you intend to add a dramatic contemporary colour scheme or create a charming classic interior. One thing’s for sure, a shaker kitchen will have the ability to impress you and your guests for years to come. You can see some of our beautiful Shaker kitchens now by clicking here.

Slab Backsplashes

Protecting the wall behind your sink or hob, backsplashes are an important practical aspect of your kitchen design. However, this functional feature also offers the potential to transform your space and make a striking statement. Tile backsplashes have been popular for many years, but in 2022, we are going to see a change. Ranging from subtle stone to showstopping marble, slab backsplashes make a stunning contemporary impact. Removing grout lines creates a sleek and minimal look, perfect for the modern, clean line kitchen. What’s more, a lack of grout lines makes them even easier to clean with a quick wipe down!

Matte Black Fixtures

While rose gold, antique brass and brushed gold all offer to put a modern twist on traditional chrome fixtures, black is the hardware colour of choice in 2022. No longer designated to cutting-edge industrial style interiors, matte black detailing will bring a touch of chic sophistication to both modern and classic shaker kitchens alike.

Innovative Technology

As artificial intelligence (AI) advances, smart technology increasingly offers to transform our lives in every room in the home, and the kitchen is no different. Many kitchen appliances now come with internet-enabled technology, which brings impressive new functionality and ultra-convenient phone connectivity.

An example of this is Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator. The state-of-the-art refrigerator features interior cameras, a touch screen and WiFi connectivity, allowing you to follow recipes from your fridge, remotely check stock while at the shops and leave notes for the family. From smart fridges to intelligent ovens, the latest appliances are here to make our everyday lives easier and more convenient than ever before.

Another kitchen appliance innovation can be found in the evolution of Extractor fans. As our kitchens have become more sociable, new solutions were needed to accommodate this change. The latest downdraft venting hobs integrate extraction into the cooktop, so you needn’t have a bulky overhead cooker hood getting in between you and your guests. For more information on the newest appliance trends, you can read our dedicated blog by clicking here.


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Choosing every detail in your new kitchen is no easy task, especially if you’re working with a smaller space or have very specific requirements.

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