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The team at Kitchens InStyle have been crafting and installing beautiful kitchens in Lymington for over 18 years. Read on to find out more about what we can do for you and your new project...

A Proud History Of Designing and Installing Bespoke Kitchens In Lymington

If you’re looking to completely revamp your kitchen space in your Lymington home, or you’re in the throws of building an extension or new home, then Kitchens InStyle can help you to realise your dream kitchen at an affordable price.

Based in the heart of the New Forest, Kitchens InStyle is only a short drive from Lymington. The showroom, set just off junction 1 of the M27 in Cadnam, houses over 17 luxury kitchen & 4 fitted & sliding door bedroom displays for you to touch, feel and browse through until you settle on a style that fits your home and vision.

With hundreds of happy customers and a range of great Google reviews, we’re proud of the kitchens we install in Lymington and the surrounding New Forest areas. We’d love the opportunity to help you with your new project, so if you’d like to book a free design appointment at our showroom, click here now to request one. Alternatively, read on to find out more about our service and the kitchens we design.

It All Starts With The Planning

Creating your dream kitchen in Lymington needs plenty of time in the planning phase. The good news is that we’ve designed and installed many hundreds of kitchens in the Lymington area, meaning that we know exactly what questions to ask, and all the pitfalls to avoid!

We know that each family is as unique as the home they live in, and each kitchen needs to cater to different needs. That’s why we offer an extensive free design service. Included in this service are two showroom appointments; one where we go through the ‘wish list’ for your new kitchen and understand exactly what you're looking to achieve, and the other where we present your beautiful design.

kitchen island design

Prior to these two visits to the showroom, we visit your home to measure the space and find out other key factors.  such as where the pipework will go, and where the windows are placed. These will include assessing the location of the main services (gas, water and electric) as well as noting where the windows & doors are currently placed. At this point, it may be applicable to discuss whether they can be repositioned to aid the potential design layout.

Some of the questions we may ask during this time may seem a little obscure: ‘How tall are you?’, ‘are you left or right-handed?’, ‘how many children do you have?’ But these are all integral details to making sure we design a kitchen that suits everyone in the household.

Traditional Shaker kitchens

For over 100 years the Shaker style of kitchen has been popular. First introduced to us by the Shaker people, the simple door design has been seen in kitchens up and down the country for over a century. As smart and classic today as it was then.

Designing and installing kitchens of all styles in the Lymington area...

A stunning mix of Italian design and English heritage results in this fine multi-coloured shaker lay-on kitchen.

Matt, rustic colours are more popular than ever today, just like this solid wooden Shaker door kitchen, finished in beautiful hand-painted English Grey.

Simple shaker kitchens have a certain romance about them, just like this exemplary example in Steppingstone.

Kitchens InStyle offer a versatile range of different kitchen designs. Whatever style you're looking for, and however you use your kitchen on a day-to-day basis, we can help you to find the design and colour scheme that fits your vision to perfection.

Modern Technology To Make Everything Easier

Over time, modern technology has now completely changed the way we use our kitchens. In the past, many appliances simply had an ‘on’ and ‘off’ function. These days, many appliances that sit in your kitchen have the ability (through Wi-Fi) to be completely controlled from anywhere in your home via your home connect device such as Alexa, your mobile phone or your tablet. Nowadays, even when you’re away from the house, you can check what is in your fridge or monitor the settings on your oven. This easy-to-use technology means you are not tied to your appliances whilst still ensuring that your food is being cooked to perfection.

New air-induction hobs include extractor fans that pull cooking fumes straight from the top of the pan, meaning fewer vapours and smells escape into the space surrounding your kitchen. There's also no need for a large, visually intrusive extractor hood with this type of technology in your kitchen. New air induction technology has now also been paired with flexinduction cooking. Please ask your Kitchens InStyle designer to explain how this or the Home Connect system works, whilst demonstrating it on one of our live flexinduction hobs in our fantastic showroom in Cadnam.

A Design That Complements Your Lymington Home

If you’ve been researching kitchens online, you’ll notice that there are a range of styles to choose from for the aesthetic of your kitchen. They all derive from different architects and fashions throughout history, but most designs fall into one of two categories, either modern or traditional.

Modern kitchens are comprised of contemporary and handleless designs. Contemporary kitchens include a beautiful, modern design style that fits right into today’s fast, design-led world. Handleless kitchens originate from Germany and the primary feature of this design is the absence of traditional, chunky handles. Each door is operated by a recessed area behind the door or by a mechanism with a 'push' close/open function.

Traditional kitchens are mostly made of In-Frame designs and the classic Shaker Style. An In-Frame kitchen is made from doors that sit flush inside the structural frame of the unit. This type of kitchen is sought after in more rural areas, and we must admit that they look timeless and classy. The Shaker style was originally developed by the Shaker people, and has been a popular choice for many households over the last 100 years – they’re still as classic today as they were back then!

Our Design Service

Making a start on your kitchen design journey couldn't be easier. We offer a free service in which we design and measure your space, before presenting it to you in a computerised format at our Cadnam showroom along with an accurate, itemised quote. Throughout this process, you'll have a chance to ask any questions you may have whilst we discuss your project at length. Simply click the button below to request your free appointment and a member of the expert design team will get back to you.

Our Range

Our mission here at Kitchens InStyle is to design and install your dream kitchen. We go to great lengths to make your kitchen unique to you, and that means that we offer a vast & unusual range of door choices. Our extensive range of not just styles but materials, appliances, storage solutions, fixtures and fittings are extensive and mean that you are guaranteed to find just what you want.

This matt, concrete flat panel door finish with a black handle-free Gola rail is super popular with many of our customers looking for a more modern kitchen style.

Dark colours including deep blue & super matt graphite are also on the rise, and it's easy to see why when you look at this modern kitchen interior...

This two-tone super matt metallic beige & light grey handleless kitchen is another great example of modern Gola rail design. Clean lines and a minimal approach give it plenty of wow-factor.

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