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The choice of worktop completes the look of the kitchen and whether it’s high-pressure laminate, solid stone, composite, glass or natural wood there really is something for everyone.  At Kitchens InStyle we are able to offer the best surfaces for your project from our preferred suppliers that will create truly stunning yet lasting finishes.

Laminate Worktops & Splashbacks

Laminate worktops are the perfect alternative to acrylic based, granite and stone worktops at a fraction of the price.  They are available in an extensive range of stunning colours and textures including upstands and splash backs that feature unique designs, partnered with premium surface finishes.  The beauty of using splash backs and upstands is that you will not need to tile your walls.  This will not only give you a cleaner more modern look but will also remove the needling issue of deteriorating grout lines and tiles that visually date.

Duropal Laminate worktop with upstand  Axiom wood effect laminate worktop

Melamine resin is the hardest of all the synthetically produced organic materials.  This is the reason that laminate tops have such a high scratch and wear resistance from day to day use.  It is also highly impact and heat resistant making it a great choice even if you intend to stay in your house long term.

Water sitting on a laminate worktopWood effect laminate worktop and upstandOne way of personalising your laminate worktop is to add a specialist edge detail and we are able to provide a fabricated worktop service.  Kitchens InStyle will help you select an acrylic colour that will compliment both your kitchen door selection and your worktop colour choice.


Solid Stone & Quartz

Light coloured granite worksurfaceFor many years now granite has been the traditional choice for our clients who seek that more discerning, luxurious look and feel from a worktop.  Although this is still often the case, during the past decade we have seen a large increase in a trend towards quartz worktops.  It provides a less busy/plainer look which coincides with the overall look of kitchens that are becoming simpler or even minimalist. 

Granite is a common and widely occurring type of intrusive, felsic rock.  It comes in a vast array of colours from white to black but is nearly always visually textured and inconsistent in colour from slab to slab.  This natural inconsistency is one of its greatest appeals.  It is incredibly tough, truly heat resistant and if sealed well, highly stain resistant.

Silestone quartz worktopEngineered stone (commonly referred to as quartz) consists of crushed stone mixed with bonding agents and colouring pigments. 

It therefore offers most of the qualities of granite whilst having a consistency of colour that does not occur naturally. 

It is more stain resistant than granite but not quite as heat resistant due to the bonding agents used in the manufacturing process.

Two of the distinct advantages of quartz are that you can:

1)      Reduce the thickness of a worktop to 20mm giving it a very sleek, continental look.

2)      Silestone by Consentino includes bacteriostatic protection with silver technology that stops the spread of a wide range of bacteria, helping to keep your worktops hygienically clean.

Granite worktop with double edge detailDekton lifestyle imageSolid stone surfaces allow for not only a vast variety of edge details but also for a variety of thicknesses.  For example, thicknesses range from 20mm-30mm and can be “doubled” up to create ‘20/30’ or ‘30/30’ double edge profiles. 


The finishing touches to your solid surface can also include upstands, splash backs, window sills and fully recessed drainers.


Dekton 20mm Surface

The very latest introduction to solid surfaces comes in the form of Dekton.  It represents a new ultra compact type of surface not only available in fresh new unusual colours and textures but with unrivalled performance.

It is extremely resistant to scratching, aggressive chemical products and it has virtually zero porosity.  It is also resistant to heat and UV rays allowing you to place scolding hot cookware fresh from the hob immediately onto its surface.

Dekton splashback panels blending togetherAs its introduction follows granite and quartz it has been deliberately made available in larger slab sizes as well as thinner (8mm, 12mm & 20mm) thicknesses allowing for infinite design possibilities.

Dekton is a sophisticated mixture of the raw materials used to make glass, latest generation porcelain tiles and quartz surfaces.  It emulates in a few hours what takes nature thousands of years through an exclusive technological process.

Corian & Mistral

Corian island with sink, downturns and drainer groovesCorian is a solid, non-porous, homogenous surface material composed of one third acrylic resin and two thirds natural minerals.  Introduced in 1967, it has gone on to prove itself to be a durable material which stands up well to daily wear and tear.

It is a hygienic, repairable and versatile work surface that provides a very different alternative to traditional or engineered stone.  The design flexibility of a Corian worksurface means that each one is a unique creation that provides a sophisticated combination of beauty, strength and versatility.  From seamless moulded sinks to sensuous curves, a Corian surface can redefine the rules of what a kitchen worktop can be. 

Corian sink with drainer grooves Corian worktops with undermount sink and fanned drainer grooves Corian worktops

Mistral is a genuine alternative to Corian.  It shares a number of characteristics from being non-porous and seamless with both high impact and heat durability.  It has however, been designed specifically for use as a worksurface leading it to be chemical and fire resistant.

Mistral with curved base unitMade from enhanced acrylic, Mistral is a solid 25mm thick surface which has the freedom of invention at heart.  It offers a seamless transition between worktops, upstands, splash backs and panels to achieve a multitude of design aspirations.  With the possibility of building up the thickness, adding dramatic edge profiles or combining with different surface materials, it is a fairly new option that is worth your consideration.

Solid Wood

Wood is a naturally hygienic, tactile material making it ideally suited for kitchen worktops.  Wood can also create an exceptional look, providing your kitchen with an abundance of character which you simply cannot get from an artificial material.  No two pieces of wood will ever be the same and this adds a unique visually soft quality only available from wood.

'L' Shaped wooden worktops with undermounted sink  Dark wooden worktops with dovetail downturn

Whether you’re looking for traditional oak or a more exotic bamboo, the use of wood really can create a variety of different styles.  It is also a great product for mixing with other surfaces such as granite or quartz for an elegant touch of variety within your design.

Wooden raised breakfast bar  Dark wooden worktops with modern kitchen  Undermounted sink with drainer grooves in wooden worktops

In order to maintain its natural strength and beauty, solid wood must be treated with oil.  This will also enhance its appearance and ensure its long lasting protection.

You can be assured that all of the wooden worktops we supply have been ethically sourced through managed forests.

Glass Worktops & Splashbacks

If you are thinking of injecting some individual style and flair to your kitchen then think glass.  Contemporary, stylish, durable and distinctive glass will enhance your design to create the perfect look for any interior.

Orange glass upstands, splashback and island

Glass can transform any kitchen design into an individual bespoke solution.  Whether it is a worktop, breakfast bar, splash back or upstand it can add colour, reflection and a new dimension to your design.

Pink glass splashbacksfull height Tear Drop Glass with Corian Purple Glass upstands and Splashback 

It is available in some fantastic finishes such as sparkle, metallic, satin and any back painted plain RAL colour.  For something a little more artistic why not select your favourite picture and have it printed as a dynamic splash back behind your hob?

Zebra glass worktops and splashnacks

Our stunning Cadnam showroom has full sets of samples for all the afore mentioned work surfaces as well as 18 displays all with fully fitted worktops varying from Glass to Granite and the new Dekton surface from Consentino.

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