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At Kitchens InStyle everything we do is based around you.  Our stunning showroom is designed to help you choose not only what you want but also what you don’t want!   The whole structure of our design process is set around how and what you cook, how you store and access your food, where you prepare your meals, how often you entertain and where you want to sit in the room perhaps in relation to viewing your TV or garden.

Most companies offer a design service.  Very few truly have designers with a deep understanding of an individual’s working triangles, the interpersonal skills and the creativity needed to make the most use of hand crafted, bespoke furniture solutions for the sole benefit of the people they are designing for.

Below is a shortlist of some of the personal questions you may wish to consider before thinking about what specific door style, oven, fridge or general design layout to choose.  We will help you select specific items after we have explored your general but personal requirements with you.

Your Style within Your Home

  • Do you want to keep the design in line with the period your home was built in?
  • What interior design style have you applied to the rooms leading off the kitchen living space?
  • Would you consider moving or blocking up any doorways, windows or walls?
  • Is the room generally dark, light or open plan?
  • What colour are your interior windows, doors, double sockets and ceiling beams if you have any?
  • Is your preferred taste leaning towards clean simple lines and soft muted colours with everything concealed from view or do you prefer lots of little details and/or strong bold colours?
  • Do you want to stand out from the crowd or be on trend?
  • Are you replacing the existing floor?
  • What door style and colour do you feel suits your taste and might look best in your home i.e.

a)      Shaker, flat panel with handles, handle free or raised centre panel

b)      Light or dark wood, coloured or mixed

c)      Gloss, matt or painted

d)      Single style colour or two tone

e)      Horizontal or vertical grain 

Your Lifestyle within Your Room

  • Have you got children or pets?  If so does this affect the durability and cleaning of any of the kitchen components, particularly the kitchen door fronts?
  • If you have young toddlers, do you need a cool touch oven door or child locks for detergent storage cupboards?
  • Does your fresh and frozen food storage take care of the number of people in your house?
  • Do you entertain regularly and if so, for how many people?
  • If you require a seating area would you:

a)      Like it to take advantage of a window with a favoured view to the garden?

b)      Prefer it to be at chair or stool height?

c)      Need it to take into account a TV position?

d)      Does it need to include a soft armchair or sofa?

  • Are you good at colour and texture co-ordinating or will you need help choosing floor tiles, wall colours etc. that compliment your design style?
  • Would you like separately switched focal lighting in the design?  If so, should it be low level subtle natural white, coloured in areas perhaps purple to match a purple glass splash back. Do certain lights need to be targeted at dark areas or work tops where you prepare or work most?

 Your Needs within Your Working Area

  • Do you have a utility room or garage? If so:

a)      What appliances, for example a washing machine, need to be integrated or free standing?

b)      How much fridge/freezer storage do you have outside of the kitchen?

c)      Does your mop, broom, vacuum and ironing board have to be in the kitchen, under the stairs or in your utility room?

d)     Will you require a second sink?  How many bowls do you require and what size will you need and where?

  • How often could you use more than just one or two cooking cavities and do you regularly warm plates or keep food warm?
  • Is steam cooking something you would like to benefit from more?
  • Do you have any books, fine glasses or china you want to display?
  • Outside of the basic everyday appliance necessities, have you considered products such as water softeners, hot kettle taps, coffee machines, wine coolers etc.?
  • Do you have trouble bending down to or lifting up from appliances?
  • How do you currently cope with food waste, recycling and general rubbish waste?
  • Would you like more preparatory work top space?
  • How many pans do you use regularly at the same time on your hob?  Do you wok a lot?  Would you like your hob to be easier to clean?
  • How many cooks are there in the kitchen!  Does more than one person at a time often work in the space?

You may feel that you wish to discuss some of the above points with your Kitchens InStyle designer.  We will listen, advise and agree on your wish list then design specifically for you.  Call us or book your free home visit today to get started on a creative design, inspired by you.

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