Planning A New Kitchen – Our Experts Reveal The 7 Most Important Factors To Consider

Renovating your kitchen is a significant project and, as such an important part of your home, you’ll no doubt be keen to make sure your new design is just right. However, as a backdrop to relaxing, cooking, celebrating, studying and much more, creating the perfect practical and stylish interior requires careful planning and consideration. At Kitchens InStyle, our expert team have been designing fantastic bespoke kitchens for over 20 years. They have identified the 7 most important factors to consider, helping you get the most from your space.


How Will You Use Your Space?

Whether you love preparing elaborate meals or frequently find yourself rustling up snacks to satisfy the kids, how you use your space should undoubtedly inform your design decisions. If you enjoy sharing your home with friends and family, introducing seating could transform your kitchen into the perfect social hub. Alternatively, a kitchen island with a breakfast bar could offer a great solution to keeping an eye on the kids while you cook. From striking the ideal ratio of storage to worktop space to choosing a durable cabinet finish, bearing your lifestyle and practical requirements in mind is essential if your finished design is going to stand the test of time and meet the demands of your household.

Richmond Pebble Kitchen

Balancing Your Budget & Your Wish List

Ever heard the phrase, ‘Champagne taste, lemonade pockets’? In short, there’s little point in getting carried away planning a high-end in-frame kitchen with all the latest gadgets if your budget simply won’t cover it. You’re much better off setting a realistic budget at the beginning of your project. This will encourage you to refine your wish list and prioritise your all-important must-haves. However, understanding the costs associated with renovating a kitchen can be tricky. Your local kitchen specialists will be able to point you in the right direction and help you make the best use of your budget.

Ultragloss Glacier White Kitchen

Finding A Great Layout

Planning an effective layout is fundamental to creating a successful, long-lasting kitchen. Cleverly arranging the functional zones intended to complement your lifestyle alongside key appliances such as your sink, hob and fridge should streamline your workflow, maximising storage and worktop space while enhancing the enjoyment you get from home. For more tips on planning a great layout, you can read our dedicated blog by clicking here.

Gloss Roma Kitchen

Which Cabinet Style Suits You Best?

From ornate and majestic classic cabinetry to clean and minimal modern designs, the style of your kitchen will have a significant impact on the tone of your space. Traditional shaker-style doors tend to create a more homely yet elegant atmosphere, while uncluttered handleless units establish a cool, pared-back feel. Choosing a kitchen style is predominantly a matter of personal taste. We recommend opting for something you envisage appreciating for many years rather than focusing too heavily on the latest trends. It’s also worth noting that less intricate matt finish doors tend to be easier to clean and maintain. You can find more information about our most popular kitchen style by clicking here.

Oakgrain Kitchen

How To Incorporate Colour

Introducing colour to your kitchen can transform the atmosphere of your space, adding character and depth to your design. And, whether you prefer an understated accent or a vibrant all-over hue, there are plenty of options worth considering. Many kitchen manufacturers have introduced a range of new on-trend finishes to their collections, including deep forest greens, rich plums, royal blues, rustic ochres and dusky pinks. However, you can also add a wonderful pop of colour through your choice of accessories, wall finish or splashbacks.

Antique Green Kitchen

Combining Practicality & Personality

As a space that facilitates everything from chatting over a fresh cup of coffee to cooking warming Sunday roasts, striking the perfect balance between practicality and style is an important aspect of any kitchen design. While choosing the best appliances, planning your layout and including plenty of storage is vital to ensuring your kitchen functions effectively; creating the perfect focal point to your home often demands even greater attention to detail. Choosing your kitchen style and colour scheme carefully is a must. However, from stylish displays shelves to eye-catching bar stools, there are plenty of other opportunities to elevate the look and feel of your interior. You can find more inspiration by clicking here.

Roma Anthracite Kitchen

Be Sure To Consider Your Lighting

Lighting is, of course, vital to ensuring you have the visibility needed to prepare food safely. But your choice of light fixtures can also enhance the atmosphere of your space and make an attractive design feature. Furthermore, planning your lighting early in the design process is preferable, as any associated electrical work will likely need to be carried out before replastering and decorating. You can explore our kitchen lighting tips and ideas by clicking here.

Dust Grey Traditional Kitchen


Creating a well-thought-out practical and stylish design is essential if your new kitchen is going to live up to expectations and provide enjoyment for years to come. While the points outlined in this article should certainly give you some food for thought, we would always recommend enlisting the help of a professional kitchen designer. Their technical expertise and years of experience will ensure your bespoke design maximises your space and budget. If you’d like to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team, you can get in touch by calling 02381 040 013 or emailing [email protected].

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