Why You Should Visit A Showroom When Planning Your Southampton Kitchen

These days, when we’re thinking of making a purchase, be it a new BBQ or a bathroom, the first place we go to is the internet. When buying a new kitchen, going online can be a fantastic way to learn about the variety of options available, to get a feel for some of the designs you like and even to have many of your questions answered. However, nothing compares to visiting your local Southampton kitchen showroom in person.

Buying a kitchen isn’t something you do every day, and as such a central part of your home, it’s an important space to get right. Kitchens must be practical and durable to stand up to the demands of everyday life but should also provide a wonderful focal point for socialising and relaxing. With such complex requirements, finding the perfect kitchen isn’t easy, and if you make a mistake or change your mind, you can’t just send it back for a refund!

At Kitchens InStyle, while we’ve been dedicated to setting up a fantastic online consultation system, we are absolutely overjoyed that kitchen showrooms are now allowed to reopen. We are always delighted when customers visit our showroom as it gives us an opportunity to share our expert knowledge and show off our superb products. Simply put, we love nothing more than helping our Southampton clients find stunning bespoke kitchens that they’ll love for years to come. When you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, we recommend you visit your local Southampton kitchen showroom for a number of reasons which we’ll explain below.

Shaker Classic Kitchen

Get Fantastic Inspiration

At your local Southampton kitchen showroom, you will find a variety of kitchen displays to explore complete with worktops, appliances and wonderful finishing touches. Browsing the different displays and products is a wonderful way to find inspiration for your project. The subtle colour and surface finish of doors and worktops are much better experienced in person, you simply can’t appreciate the subtle shimmer of a quartz worktop through a screen. As you discover the various kitchens up close you will get a better understanding of what can be achieved and will undoubtedly find new ideas that you may want to include in your design.

Walking around a series of real working kitchens will give you a much more accurate idea of scale and layout which can help inform decisions about your own space. For example, you might realise your new kitchen design is a bit too cluttered or even leaves too much space between your all-important golden triangle. Likewise, when you explore a variety of kitchen styles and colour schemes in person, they can look different from how you imagined, and you might find you change your mind about your initial design.

Modern Handleless KitchenGet Expert Advice

Visiting your local independent Southampton kitchen showroom gives you a fantastic opportunity to get expert advice on planning your new interior. If you have any doubts or uncertainty about your space, speaking to a professional kitchen designer at your local showroom should help to put your mind at rest so you can progress with your design.

While speaking to your local kitchen design experts should provide answers to your most pressing questions, it will also allow you to get a feel for what the retailer and their team can bring to your project. Are they enthusiastic, do their ideas inspire you, are they knowledgeable about their products? When it comes to finding your perfect Southampton kitchen you need to feel confident that your designer will listen to and understand your needs as well as offering innovative ideas; striking the right balance here is very important. Visiting the showroom is the best way to get an impression of what you can expect when working with the company.

Classic Shaker Kitchen

Find A Kitchen To Suit Your Budget

Ever heard of the phrase ‘lemonade money, champagne taste’? When surfing the internet and flicking through glossy magazines it’s easy to get carried away swooning over the most extraordinary walnut cabinets and statement splashbacks, and while you can certainly include some stunning features in your design, there are many elements you will need to balance in order to meet your budget.

Visiting the experts at your Southampton kitchen showroom is the best way to maximise your budget and get the most from your space. Your kitchen design specialists have an unrivalled understanding of all the intricate components that make up your kitchen and will be able to suggest where you can splash out and where can save depending on your unique lifestyle and needs. Experiencing the variety of products up close will also help you to prioritise your wish list and decide what you want to invest in.

Supergloss Kitchen

Ensure Your Design Lives Up To Expectations

If you’ve set your heart on a modern handleless kitchen but you’ve never experienced using one, then you might just want to try before you buy. With all kitchen styles from classic shaker to stylish flat-panel designs, we recommend you experience them first-hand to ensure you are happy with both their functionality and visual style.

On average we buy a new kitchen just once every 20 years and so as well as looking flawlessly stunning you will also need your kitchen to stand the test of time. Visiting your local Southampton showroom allows you to inspect the quality and craftsmanship of your potential new kitchen so you can have every confidence that it will live up to your expectations.

Urban Linea Light Grey and Stone Grey kitchen


Since recent events have encouraged more of us to utilise virtual and online services, we’ve discovered that many stages of the kitchen design journey can be carried out remotely. However, it has to be said that there really is no substitute for getting up close and personal to explore your new kitchen. If you’d like to find out more about our fantastic range of designs, our Cadnam kitchen showroom is just a short 15-minute drive from the centre of Southampton. Please click here or call us on 02381 040 013 to find out more about arranging your visit.

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