10 Stunning Kitchen Splashback Ideas From The Classic To The Quirky

Have you got your heart set on a chic antique mirror splashback or already started mood-boarding your favourite tiles? For most of us, the honest answer is probably no. Unfortunately, the excitement of reconfiguring your layout and choosing beautiful cabinetry often takes priority. And if this is your first time designing a kitchen, you might not even realise that splashbacks are something you need to consider. Splashbacks provide a heat-resistant, wipeable surface that protects your walls and stops them from getting stained and marked. However, they don’t just serve an important practical purpose. With so many stylish designs and materials to choose from, they can transform your interior and make a lovely finishing touch. Below are some types of splashbacks you may want to consider.


Sleek & Practical Glass Splashback

Glass splashbacks are practical, affordable, and stylish. Their sleek gloss finish works wonderfully in a clean, contemporary setting. Plus, their smooth, stain and heat-resistant surface makes them highly durable and easy to maintain. You can choose from an almost unlimited range of shades, allowing you to elevate your design with a vibrant pop of colour or a soft and subtle hue.

Stylish Mirror Splashback

Also made from glass, mirror splashbacks make a chic and sophisticated choice. Whether you opt for a rustic foxed effect or a smoked finish, they will add a glamorous touch to your interior. They can even make your kitchen appear more spacious! Mirror splashbacks offer the same practical properties as glass splashbacks, though they may require more regular cleaning to remove marks and smudges.

Roma Anthracite Kitchen

Vibrant Tile Splashback

Though tiles have been around for centuries, they remain one of the most popular splashback options, not least because of their practical properties and endless range of stunning designs. From classic jewel-toned metro tiles to quirky patterned geometric styles, there really is something to suit every taste. You can personalise your tile splashback even further with your grout colour choice and layout. We love how these vintage-inspired tiles in a rich crackled emerald finish add a classic feel to this modern handleless kitchen.

Luxurious Marble-Effect Splashback

In recent years, slab splashbacks have really grown in popularity. Dramatic, deep-veined marble-effect splashbacks, in particular, are having a moment. They offer the potential to add a gorgeous touch of luxury to modern and traditional kitchens alike. Slab splashbacks include materials such as quartz, granite, compact laminate, and acrylic, all of which have slightly different properties. If you would like to enquire about a specific material, please click here.

Traditional Tongue & Groove Panelling

Another slightly more unusual choice of splashback is wood panelling. Reminiscent of the country kitchens of old, tongue and groove panelling can bring a characterful yet elegant feel to a classic scheme. Plus, wood is more practical than you might think. Properly treated timber is water-resistant and easy to wipe clean. You’ll just need to take extra care to avoid getting food particles lodged in the grooves.

Classic Shaker Kitchen

Contemporary Wood Panelling

Alternatively, wood can add fantastic warmth and texture to a more modern kitchen. The light oak splashback in the kitchen below creates a lovely contrast against the pristine white gloss cabinets, bringing a chic and stylish edge to the space.


Seamless Splashbacks & Worktops

To create a neat and seamless finish, why not consider using the same material for your worktops and your splashback? Quartz, granite, laminate, acrylic, and wood are all suitable worktop materials. They offer to make an equally stunning splashback.

Dark Kitchen Hampshire

A Separate Splashback Behind The Hob

There are various ways to fit a splashback, including tiling up to your cupboards or shelves, panelling your whole wall, or simply protecting the area behind your hob. Continuing your splashback along the length of your wall is a great way to make a statement and enhance your design. However, if you prefer something more subtle, fitting tiles or a sheet of glass behind your cooktop could be the ideal solution.

Wood Finished Kitchen

Simple Matching Upstands

Acting almost like a mini splashback, upstands are another feature you may want to consider incorporating into your design. They usually match your worktops and can be installed against your chosen splashback or on their own, against your wall. Upstands are designed to prevent potential spillages from falling behind your cabinets. They should catch small splashes and messes, making it easier to keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

No Splashback Or Clear Glass

While splashbacks certainly make an excellent practical addition to the kitchen, no one is going to force you to have one. If you prefer the look of your kitchen without a splashback, make sure you use durable and wipeable paint or consider protecting your walls with a piece of clear glass.


There are so many different splashback materials to choose from, each offering a unique and stylish way to enhance your design. From opulent marble to characterful tiles, there really is something to suit every taste. If you would like more information on costs and fitting or would simply like to discuss your ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 02381 040 013 or email [email protected].

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