Neff Appliances

Renew your passion for cooking with a range of stunning appliances from Neff.

Beautifully Integrated & Built In Neff Appliances

What sets Neff apart is the heartfelt passion which they instil in every product they manufacture. Just like our team at Kitchens InStyle, Neff strives to bring a touch of magic to your kitchen. They are dedicated to inspiring creativity and developing ideas for enthusiastic cooks that simply love using their kitchen appliances. Including Neff appliances in your new Kitchens InStyle interior will transform your space, bringing joy and excitement to your cooking endeavours.

Neff Ovens with Endless Possibilities

Neff continues to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and their extraordinary ovens are one of their most prestigious, ground-breaking products. As well as introducing the Slide&Hide door, as made famous in the GBBO tent, they also feature an incredible collection of state-of-the-art new technologies such as the CircoTherm air system, pyrolytic self-cleaning and VarioSteam cooking. The CircoTherm system creates completely even sustained heat distribution across all 4 levels without any intermingling of flavours so you can achieve flawless cooking without limits. VarioSteam technology fuses steam cooking with hot air for healthy food that’s perfectly moist on the inside, crisp on the outside and incredibly flavoursome. Once you’ve finished experimenting with these incredible cooking technologies you can put your feet up while the pyrolytic self-cleaning function takes care of the cleaning up for you. A host of remarkable capabilities make Neff ovens some of the finest around.

TwistPad Fire Hobs

TwistPad Fire Hobs for Flexibility and Control

The TwistPad Fire control features in Neff’s stunning Flexinduction hob range. While their Flexinduction hobs already offer incredibly responsive cooking, the TwistPad Fire system allows you to take even more control. The stylish dial means you can react immediately to different cooking zones to adjust the heat quickly, easily and completely intuitively. This pairs seamlessly with the versatile Flexinduction cooktop. The Neff Flexinduction cooktop senses your pan wherever you place it on the hob and when you move this pan to a different area the heat setting will move with it, speeding up your cooking and making the most effective use of space. Neff’s TwistPad Fire Control and Flexinduction hob combination will completely transform the way you cook.

Create an Inspiring Ambience with a Creative Slim Hood

Neff is all about bringing inspiration and creativity to our homes and nothing captures this more so than their range of creative slim cooker hoods. The slim cooker hood features automatic climate control for flawless efficiency which allows you to focus on cooking, whilst also offering over 30 ambient lighting shades to add a playful and stylish edge to your interior. The magnetic surface means you can attach shopping lists, recipes or postcards for a quirky touch, and you can even handwrite notes with a liquid chalk pen. The Neff Creative cooker hood is a wonderful addition to a family centred kitchen.

Neff Home Connect

Neff's Smart Home Connect

The ever-growing world of smart technology has entered our kitchens in the form of Neff’s Home Connect. Home Connect allows you to manage your oven, fridge, dishwasher and even coffee machine from your phone wherever you are. Use voice activation to control your oven when you’ve got your hands full and let it tell you when dinner’s ready so you can enjoy hosting guests without distractions. This revolutionary technology brings the future to your kitchen, making it easy and convenient to operate your appliances so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Discover Neff Appliances at the Kitchens InStyle Cadnam Showroom

Find out more about Neff’s wonderful range of creative cooking solutions at our Cadnam showroom. Our knowledgeable team will be delighted to show you around our displays and demonstrate any appliances you’d like to know more about. Their expert advice will help you to decide exactly which appliances are the best for you, whatever your budget and lifestyle. Meet our friendly team and experience our fantastic appliances now by clicking here to arrange your visit.