Bosch Appliances

Take your home to the next level with exceptional innovation from Bosch.

Built In Bosch Kitchen Appliances

At Kitchens InStyle we are proud to partner with leading design innovator Bosch. Their incredible home appliances are the perfect finishing touch to your stunning new Kitchens InStyle interior. The sleek looks, reliability and extraordinary functionality of Bosch’s outstanding kitchen technologies will transform the way you use your space. Make your kitchen a joy to share with friends and family with streamlined food prep, effortless cooking perfection and hassle-free tidying up.

Waste Less with VitaFresh

Bosch is on a mission to reduce food waste with their impressive VitaFresh refrigeration technology. Every detail of the VitaFresh fridge has been painstakingly designed with optimum conditions for storing food in mind. Unlike other refrigerators, the Bosch VitaFresh fridge features a specially designed zone that maintains a temperature of just over 0 degrees Celsius to keep fish and meat fresh for the maximum amount of time possible. The astonishing refrigerator also includes a drawer optimised for storing fruits and vegetables, this drawer is sealed to sustain an exact humidity level as well as preventing cross-contamination of flavours. Revolutionising your food storage will not only help reduce waste but will also help save you money on your weekly shop. Speak to our experts in our Cadnam showroom to find out more.

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Bosch PerfectControl: For Perfect Cooking

When you have a busy lifestyle, it can be challenging to keep a constant watch on your oven or hob while balancing dinner time with all your other commitments. Bosch’s PerfectControl technology takes all the stress out of cooking so you will never have to clean up after your pan boils over or be disappointed by a dry meal ever again. Bosch has integrated sensor technology into their appliances which means you can set the exact internal temperature of your pan whether frying, defrosting or boiling, your cooker hood will adjust its extraction automatically by detecting the level of odour in the air and you can let your oven do all the work by selecting a pre-set menu item. Transform your cooking with Bosch’s extraordinary PerfectControl technology.

Bosch Smart Home Connect

Home Connect technology is all about making your life easier. It allows you to check what’s left in the fridge while you’re at the shops, get dinner started while you’re out and about, come home to freshly laundered washing and even wake up every morning to a perfect cup of coffee. Step into the future with Home Connect technology from Bosch. Having complete control of your home wherever you are will revolutionise your everyday experience giving you access to the ultimate convenience.

Relax with a Bosch Self-Cleaning Oven

Who doesn’t dream of a time when you never have to clean your oven again? With Bosch’s EcoClean and Pyrolytic ovens you don’t have to dream any longer. Don’t let tiresome and messy cleaning detract from your passion for cooking, opt for a self-cleaning oven that will do the job for you. Pyrolytic ovens feature an extreme high heat function that burns away all the grease and cooking residue reducing it to a pile of ash that you can simply wipe away. Alternatively, Bosch’s EcoClean Direct ovens are coated with a ceramic glaze that helps to break down dirt and grease as you cook saving you time and energy on your electricity bill and your lifestyle.

Explore the latest Bosch appliances at our fantastic Cadnam showroom

As well as discovering our beautiful kitchen displays you will also find a range of the latest appliances available for you to explore at our fantastic Cadnam showroom. Our showroom is the perfect place to find out more about our superb range of kitchen technologies by getting a hands-on experience of the different products and gaining expert advice from our knowledgeable kitchen specialists. Our friendly team will be more than happy to talk you through the details of our cutting-edge appliances, click here to book an appointment now or call us on 02381 040 013.