Siemens Appliances

Bring pioneering technology to your home with the latest Siemens kitchen appliances.

Over a century of innovation goes into creating Siemen’s exceptional kitchen appliances enabling them to achieve extraordinary efficiency and outstanding good looks. As a brand, Siemens has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technological advancements starting with the invention of the electric washing machine in 1928. This ground-breaking approach continues with their state-of-the-art new quick heating self-cleaning ovens, precision induction hobs, HyperFresh fridges and smart coffee machines. Partnering with Siemens as an exclusive 5* retailer allows the Kitchens InStyle team to create breathtakingly stylish and truly functional kitchen interiors for clients across Hampshire.

Siemens Smart Home Connect

Simplify day-to-day living with Siemens Home Connect technology and experience the future of home appliances. Siemens smart appliances can be controlled from your phone so you can take the hassle out of everyday life, pre-heat your oven while you’re stuck in a traffic jam, check your fridge when you’ve lost your shopping list and have fresh coffee ready in a jiffy for those unannounced guests. Once you’ve discovered Siemen’s home connect technology you’ll never look back.


The Latest Downdraft Venting Hobs

Not only are Siemens Domino hobs completely customisable, but you can also pair them with revolutionary venting extraction technology for the ultimate cooking flexibility. Siemen’s inductionAir technology does away with the need for bulky, unattractive cooker hoods allowing you to place your hob wherever you wish, perfect for creating an immaculately streamlined kitchen island. For even greater versatility you can choose to include both gas and induction cooktops in your design and for truly spectacular hosting add a Japanese inspired teppanyaki plate! All of Siemen’s cooktops offer incredibly precise heat control, stunningly sleek looks and easy intuitive use.

Perfect Cooking with Steam Technology

An innovative combination of steam and hot air ensures the perfect cook whether you’re roasting meat, fish or vegetables or baking bread, cake or pastries. Steaming retains all the nutrients and flavours of your food keeping it moist and succulent inside whilst traditional heating brings a gorgeously crisp, caramelised exterior. As well as utilising the most advanced cooking techniques, Siemens smart steam ovens offer truly effortless intuitive functionality. Use your phone to send recipes to your oven and it will automatically set the right temperature, cooking style and time so you never have to worry about burning a meal or even reading a recipe!

Siemens studioLine

Aesthetics and functionality come together in perfect harmony to truly elevate your kitchen to extraordinarily stylish and sublimely functional new levels. The Siemens stuioLine range embodies a distinctive design language of clean architectural lines and uniquely expressive elegance. But the new collection doesn’t just look breath-taking, every appliance is crafted from state-of-the-art materials using innovative build techniques to achieve simply ground-breaking functionality which has earned the studioLine design a number of prestigious awards. Only the most premium partners, of which Kitchens InStyle are proud to be included, are able to share Siemens exceptional new range. Get in touch to find out more by clicking here.

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Siemens Coffee Machines: Wake Up to Barista Style Coffee

Siemens offers some of the most luxurious coffee machines on the market that will guarantee the perfect barista style coffee at the touch of a button, either from your phone or the machine itself. The exceptional bean-to-cup ceramDrive design promises an expert grind to release incredible aroma from every bean, while the double brew process takes away any unwanted bitterness. Their built-in machines look incredibly sleek and stylish and make for a wow factor finishing touch to any coffee lover’s new kitchen.

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