6 Inspiring Ideas To Create A Kitchen For Summer Entertaining

With the occasional glimpse of spring sunshine and the recent announcements from the government, it feels like we can finally look forward to enjoying summer with our friends and family, and what better way to welcome guests to your home in 2021 than with a beautiful new bespoke kitchen? From fresh colour schemes to stylish kitchen islands, we’ve put together our top tips on features you should consider including in your new design to create a fantastic space for entertaining in the spring and summer months.


Setting the Mood

Of course, your kitchen should look great all year round, but if summer is your season and you love nothing more than hosting leisurely garden parties and laidback lunches then we’ve got some wonderful suggestions on how to achieve a kitchen ambience that complements your style and entices your guests.


Bright, Airy & Inviting

In the summer months, the sun is at its highest point and it floods our homes and gardens with concentrated rays of brightness and energy. Introducing as much natural light as possible to your kitchen as well as opting for a clean and airy colour scheme is a wonderful way to bring a fresh, summery and inviting feel to your space. Do away with fussy window treatments and look for opportunities to introduce additional or larger windows to your room. Subtle greys and blues work beautifully alongside a generous flush of white, white can also tone down more vibrant accent colours such as sunny yellows or punchy oranges. Don’t overlook your floors and work surfaces when you plan your kitchen colour scheme.

Bring The Outdoors In

From the smell of freshly cut grass to the eye-catching blooms in our garden, nothing captures summer better than nature and the outdoors, and over the past year, the use of natural materials in kitchen design has become an increasingly popular trend. To create a kitchen with summer entertaining in mind, establish a connection with the outdoors by utilising stone and wood effect surface finishes. The warmth and delicate grain of natural wood effortlessly creates a welcoming and stylish feel. Continue bringing the outdoors in by adding vibrant pops of colour and movement with lush green houseplants or potted herbs.

Wood Finished Kitchen

A Sophisticated Evening Ambience

When it comes to late-night entertaining, atmospheric lighting is a must at any time of year. Having the option to dim the main kitchen lights and achieve a soft glow with different lighting features creates a wonderfully cosy ambience. Pendant lights are ideal for illuminating a kitchen island, dining table or peninsula, while LED’s positioned above or below overhead cabinets will create another dimension of depth and drama.

Boston Fjord Green Kitchen


Creating A Practical Space

It’s easy to get carried away exploring all the exciting creative elements of your kitchen design such as accessories and colour schemes, but if you plan to host guests in your home at any time of year, then there are some important practical considerations you will need to think about.


Somewhere For Guests To Gather

Creating a focal point to your design in the form of a kitchen island or dining area will encourage guests to gather and will ensure they feel comfortable and relaxed. Not only will establishing a gathering space make your visitors feel welcome, but it can also serve as a handy spot to lay out nibbles and drinks. Kitchen islands are ideal for more casual dining, whereas if you plan to host sit-down meals you will need to consider including a more traditional feature such as a table or dining island as pictured below.

Jayline Kitchen

Innovative Kitchen Technology

There are some fantastic new options available when it comes to kitchen appliances and they can make all the difference when cooking for a crowd. Venting hobs with in-built extraction are ideal for positioning on a kitchen island so you can socialise with guests while you cook without food odours or a bulky cooker hood getting in the way. If you love alfresco summer dining, consider opting for a smart oven so you can check your food and control the cooking from your phone. Find out more about the superb appliances we offer at Kitchens InStyle by clicking here.

Modern Kitchen

Keeping Your Kitchen Clutter Free

If you’re keen to impress your guests with your cool, calm and under control kitchen then the last thing you need is piles of Tupperware and trays of pre-prepared nibbles piling up on your counters. A luxurious wine cooler is a great way to free up extra space in your fridge while deep drawers, pull-out larders and pantry style cupboards offer some of the most efficient storage solutions. A cleverly planned kitchen should provide you with enough storage to meet your needs while ensuring your kitchen doesn’t become overwhelmed by continuous walls of cabinetry.

Traditional Kitchens In Style


At Kitchens InStyle, we specialise in creating bespoke kitchens that are completely designed around you and your needs. We bring the latest styles and design innovations together with superb quality products and craftsmanship to create stunning kitchens that last a lifetime. If you’d like to get our expert advice on creating your perfect summer kitchen then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Although our Cadnam showroom is currently closed, we are offering virtual design appointments, to discuss your project call us on 02381 040 013 or email [email protected].

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