How To Elevate Your Space With Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Fitted Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Here at Kitchens InStyle, we’ve designed hundreds of gorgeous bespoke fitted bedrooms to elevate our client’s homes and transform their spaces. Available in a huge variety of colours, finishes, styles and sizes, made-to-measure fitted bedroom furniture gives you complete freedom over your design, allowing you to create a unique, practical and stylish interior that perfectly captures your individual taste and complements your lifestyle. From sleek built-in wardrobes to stunning wall-mounted cabinets, the only limit to what you can achieve is your imagination. And to help you unleash your creativity and find some great inspiration for your project, we’ve put together this handy collection of fitted bedroom furniture ideas and designs.

Create A Seamless Effect With A Made-To-Measure Wardrobe

One of the most popular ways to utilise fitted bedroom furniture is to opt for a built-in design. Made-to-measure built-in wardrobes are ideal for maximising space in tricky alcoves or below sloping ceilings. However, if you’re looking to achieve a really sleek and seamless bedroom storage solution and you don’t have a suitable existing space, you can still create your own built-in design; your local bedroom retailers should be able to help. They will build a void to your specified dimensions using a stud wall. This designated space can then be completed with your choice of stylish doors and internal storage, leaving you with a stunning and streamlined bespoke fitted wardrobe that perfectly complements your space practically and visually.

oak sliding doors

Choose Mirror Finish Sliding Doors To Create An Illusion Of Space

You can also achieve a similarly sleek and streamlined look with a simple and sophisticated floor to ceiling fitted wardrobe. As well as establishing a clean and modern aesthetic, sliding doors are ideal for maximising space as they won’t interrupt the flow of your room should you wish to leave a door open while you or your partner get ready. Pairing highly practical and minimalist sliding doors with a mirror finish will cleverly create the illusion of space while providing a handy additional functional feature. Stylish custom fitted wardrobes make a distinctly elegant yet functional choice of fitted bedroom furniture.

Add Character With A Timeless Bespoke Piece

Contrary to popular belief, fitted bedroom furniture isn’t just comprised of shiny modern designs. With a beautiful collection of colours, styles and finishes to choose from, you can create a completely bespoke piece to suit your individual style. Combining traditional shaker wardrobes with a custom shelving unit creates a truly gorgeous and unique piece of furniture. Providing a place to display photos, candles, books, ornaments, and artwork, adding shelving to your bespoke fitted furniture is a wonderful way to bring timeless character and charm to your bedroom.

Display Your Wardrobe For A Stylish Laidback Look

There really is no limit to the range of looks and styles you can create with a tailormade fitted furniture solution. If you have a more laidback, metropolitan penthouse vibe in mind, you might want to keep the contents of your wardrobe on display, pairing a custom arrangement of hangers, shelves and drawers to ensure all of your belongings have a place. With an open storage design, you’ll never be lacking inspiration for what to wear. There’s certainly something effortlessly sophisticated about an immaculately organised and stylish open wardrobe.

bespoke bedroom modular storage

Make Your Bed A Focal Point

As the primary feature of your bedroom, many professional interior designers emphasise the importance of ensuring your bed is the focal point of your space. However, balancing your practical need for storage with concerns around the look and feel of your design can be a challenge. Thankfully, the design flexibility presented by fitted furniture offers a fantastic solution. Positioning an elegant arrangement of sleek wall-mounted cabinets around your bed, almost like a headboard, cleverly draws the eye through the room, making a stunning statement and delivering impressive functionality without compromising on style.

Very Modern Bedroom

Design Your Fitted Furniture Around You

Whether you need an area to do your make-up, somewhere to spend time drawing or a quiet spot to work from home, there are plenty of ways to make your fitted bedroom furniture work for you. You can design a completely unique configuration of drawers and cabinets, even combining a desk to create the space you need to enjoy your bedroom and make the most of your space.

Modern Bedroom Brushed Metal Finish


Now you’re armed with plenty of inspiring ideas to transform your bedroom, if you need any advice or support in bringing your vision to life, please feel free to get in touch with our expert team. We have been designing and installing our bespoke fitted bedroom furniture for over 20 years and would be delighted to discuss the ideas you have for your project. You can call our showroom on 02381 040 013 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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