What Is A Modern Kitchen Design?

Modern kitchen designs are generally characterised by a clean and paired back look. However, there’s no hard and fast rule about how minimalist a modern kitchen should be. Contemporary kitchens can include everything from completely uncluttered handleless designs to quirky flat-panel interiors with open-shelving and natural textures. They often incorporate a series of on-trend design details such as stylish modern taps, fashionable pendant lights, or sleek handles. Modern kitchens should be designed with the aim of creating a spacious and airy atmosphere, making them ideal for open-plan interiors.

While modern kitchens can represent a diverse range of styles, there are some features associated with traditional kitchens that would certainly look out of place in a contemporary design. These include intricate, curved cornices, traditional dressers, glass-fronted cabinets, ornate mantles and raised and fielded doors. Most modern kitchens feature either a flat panel or a handleless door.

For A Modern Feel, Consider Flat Panel/Slab Doors

Flat panel doors are usually a type of lay-on door, meaning the door is fitted directly to the face of the carcass using concealed hinges to create a discreet look. The door itself should be clean and flat with no extraneous detailing other than the handle used to open it. Flat panel kitchens come in a fantastic variety of colours and surface finishes, including distinctive gloss effects and more unusual bold textures.

Handleless Kitchens – The New Modern Kitchen

The true handleless kitchen is constructed differently from the conventional lay-on door. A system of rails creates a finger-sized gap that allows you to pull the doors or drawers open. Their cutting-edge design originating from Germany is associated with exceptional precision, quality and durability. A lack of handles establishes a supremely minimal and seamless look. You can find out more about handleless German kitchens by clicking here.

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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

The best way to understand what defines a modern kitchen is to browse a range of contemporary designs for yourself. Exploring the variety of styles and features that represent the full spectrum of modern kitchens is a great way to find inspiration for your own upcoming project.

Choosing A Modern Statement Colour Scheme

Opting for a bold colour scheme is a great way to draw attention to the clean lines and minimal silhouette of a modern kitchen. Statement matt black kitchens are very popular in 2021. However, if you prefer a more versatile option, you might consider pairing neutral cabinetry with a dramatic wall colour which you can refresh further down the line. Simple and elegant modern kitchens provide a great canvas for you to expresses your personality and create a unique design.

Include Natural Textures

Influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian interiors, the use of natural materials brings wonderful depth and character to a sleek modern kitchen design. The flawless, uncluttered door styles synonymous with contemporary kitchens perfectly showcase the luxurious finish of a soft wood grain or the dramatic texture of riven stone. The diversity of striking surface finishes available sets the modern kitchen apart from its traditional hand-painted counterparts, establishing a distinctive and stylish look.

Wood Finished Kitchen

Introduce Modern Metallic Accents

From the industrial to the chic, metallic accents are perfect for bringing a dramatic on-trend edge to a modern kitchen design. There are plenty of opportunities to include metallic detailing in your kitchen. A satin rose gold or patinated brass splashback makes a stunning statement while cleverly creating the illusion of space. Modern taps and sinks are available in a broad range of luxurious metallic finishes. You can also introduce further design detail through your choice of handles should you choose a flat panel door style.

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Set The Mood With Dramatic Lighting

Lighting is an important part of any kitchen design. However, elegant and atmospheric mood lighting can really take a modern kitchen design to the next level. Undercabinet task lights, plinth lighting and over-cabinet lights will add a sophisticated and alluring glow to your space. Often introduced to emphasise an island or dining area, pendant lights can also have a striking impact on the look of your interior. Choosing a beautiful contemporary pendant style will seamlessly tie your kitchen design together, creating a cohesive modern finish. You can find more tips on designing a fantastic lighting scheme by clicking here.

Opt For Morden & Sleek Built-In Kitchen Appliances

Modern kitchens are characterised by their seamless finish and lack of functional detailing. The best way to enhance their flawless appearance is by opting for neatly hidden integrated appliances. As well as concealing your fridge-freezer and dishwasher, you can also hide small appliances like kettles, toasters and microwaves in a specially designed pantry cupboard. Alternatively, you can do away with your kettle altogether by investing in a sleek boiling water tap. Find out more about the latest kitchen appliances by clicking here.

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In recent years the role of the kitchen has changed, it’s no longer just a place to prepare food, it is a wonderful space to relax and spend time in. And with more homeowners opting for open-plan living arrangements, sleek and sophisticated modern kitchens are more popular than ever. If you’re considering choosing a modern kitchen style and you’d like to know more about how to find your perfect design, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly experts. You can call us on 02381 040 013 or email [email protected].

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