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In today’s world, ‘space’ is the word. More space gives you the option to do more with a room, and this has quickly become apparent with the huge rise in people extending and knocking through walls to create incredible, open plan, kitchens.

In today’s world, ‘space’ is the word. More space gives you the option to do more with a room, and this has quickly become apparent with the huge rise in people extending and knocking through walls to create incredible, open plan, kitchens.

To get the most out of your open-plan kitchen, there are a few rules when it comes to design but perhaps the most important one to you is to have a wow-factor centrepiece in the shape of a kitchen island.

If you’ve got enough space to afford you the luxury of an incredible kitchen island, you’ll want to start thinking through the large choice of options when it comes to design, colour-scheme, practicality and storage.

We’ve put this blog post together for you to help guide you through the options that are available. Of course, if you’d like to chat about any of the following designs and how they manifest themselves in your kitchen, please feel free to give us a call or visit us in the showroom here.

Masterminding Your Kitchen Setup

Some kitchens work best with an island that houses a simple setup, where others choose to pack theirs with tech features such as wine fridges, hot water taps and the latest induction hobs.

Masterminding your kitchen island is an important process as it could be the difference between a kitchen that works for you and, well, one that doesn’t. To start with, think about how you cook and move around the kitchen. Think about splitting up the meal preparation process into three simple stages; the preparation, the cooking, and the cleaning up. This should start to help you plan a flow for your kitchen that your island should be a central part of.

The most practical kitchens have a flow that matches the process of cooking a meal. Creating a kitchen that compliments how you cook is a must, saving you and your family hours of unnecessary steps (and stress!).

It’s a good idea to plan a space for clearing up after a meal, as dirty plates and cutlery can easily clutter parts of your kitchen. One of our top tips from the design team here at Kitchens InStyle is to place your kitchen sink & dishwasher away from your island. This means that your treasured island won’t become a dumping ground for empty glasses, cutlery and crockery.

If you have the space and would like to have water & the ability to rinse veg. etc. in the island, then it is definitely worth considering a small prep sink. This will allow you to wash & rinse food on the island whilst all the dirty pots, pans, plates & cutlery etc. are put in the main sink or dishwasher. Again, protecting your islands open worktop space from becoming visually & practically cluttered.

The Wow Factor

It’s important to have a kitchen island that fits the functionality bill, but don’t forget the ‘wow factor’. After all, this marvellous centrepiece is the thing that gets your guests talking. Without further ado, here are some of our favourite kitchen island designs…

1 Built for Entertaining

If you’re a socialite and regularly enjoy hosting, think about an island with softer furnishings such as this breakfast bar where people can sit and chat to you whilst the main event is taking place…

wood finish kitchen


2 Statement Colours

Adding a strong splash of colour to your kitchen’s centerpiece can really pack a punch and set the mood for the whole room. This matte sage colour makes for an inviting and homely two-tone feel.

Alchemy style kitchen in Olive Green

3 The Traditional Look

A traditional kitchen can look great with an island like this painted Snowdrop raised center panel style door. The softer curved unit ends help to create a real feeling of space around the centerpiece.

Traditional kitchen with black worktops

4 If You Haven’t Got The Space…

We’re not all blessed with huge amounts of space! If that’s you, perhaps it might be better to consider a peninsula instead of a freestanding kitchen island. A peninsula is a continuation of a work surface that juts out from a wall and often incorporates a breakfast bar. These can be great for creating a smooth partition from one part of the room to the other.

Vouge Dakar kitchen in gloss finish


5 Elevating the Look

If you want to take your design to the next level, it’s important to give your kitchen the ‘x-factor’ and one of the many ways to do this is to use a hanging feature above your island. Whether this be a designer island extractor, hanging lights or something a little more ‘design-led’ such as plants or hanging pots and pans, you decide. Here’s an idea that we like…

Long galley island in marble

6 In the Galleys…

Many super-practical modern or minimalist kitchens use a ‘Galley’ approach and this setup can work for many of us. If you have a narrow space or often cook alone, this could work for you. A Galley kitchen is so called because of its origins; these kitchens were first designed for use on boats where space was at a premium but efficiency needed to be at a maximum. Although space is generally tighter, this setup means that the kitchen is built around you, with everything in easy reach of a central more parallel space.

Roma kitchen in gloss grey

7 A Designer’s Dream…

Whilst others opt for practicality and function, some go for an appealing design that really creates an impression. Using open display cabinets can be the perfect way to make a real feature of your standalone work station.

8 Natural Woods…

This timeless Shaker In-Frame kitchen is given a bright, fresh and airy feel from the natural light that’s being allowed to flood in through the large sky lantern overhead. Supplying warmth to this beautifully soft light-coloured design is the solid wooden worktop on the island, it draws your focus straight to the heart of this kitchen. We think you’ll agree when we say that it feels just as at home in the country as it would in an inner-city townhouse.

The Island For You…

When it comes to your kitchen centerpiece, we know that it’s personal to you and that’s why we want to give you as much help as possible to reach your perfect solution; something that you can fall in love with.

If you’d like to talk more or take a tour of our stunning showroom in Cadnam which does include its own island centerpiece, please give us a call on 02380 811 777 or email us on cadnam@kitchensinstyle.co.uk

If you’d like to get started straight away, simply request a design appointment at our showroom in Cadnam…

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